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At Family Advantage, we believe that teens in crisis are best served in a home-like setting that emphasizes personalized interactions, close supervision and comprehensive professional support.

In this supportive therapeutic environment, students benefit from the guidance of caring professionals who know them not merely as clients, but as unique individuals with specific strengths, weaknesses, hopes and fears.

The Family Advantage environment is built upon a foundation of mutual respect. Our students are expected to treat staff and peers with respect and in return they can expect to be treated with respect.

Staff members are trained to apply consequences and provide feedback for students in a respectful manner without demeaning or belittling the adolescent.

We feel strongly about the value of long-lasting family relationships, and we believe that family involvement is critical to the success of the child, both while in treatment and following placement.

To support these beliefs, our program is designed to help students develop a greater appreciation for their own families – and we strive to include the family in the therapeutic process as much as possible.

Finally, as a proud member of all Local Management Entity/Managed Care Organizations (LME/MCOs) NCDHHS we also embrace five core values:

  • Respect – for our patients, our employees, and our community

  • Integrity – in our dealings with all those whose lives we touch

  • Accountability – to our patients and their families, and to our colleagues

  • Responsibility – for the decisions we make and the actions we take

  • Excellence – in every task we perform

Residential Behavioral Health Treatment Programs

Residential treatment, one of the high quality levels of care offered by numerous Family Advantage  Healthcare treatment center, has helped countless individuals in their pursuits of achieving happier, healthier, and more satisfying lives. Within this type of treatment, dedicated, expertly trained, and multidisciplinary staff members who have expertise in treating a myriad of mental health and chemical dependency concerns are on-hand to offer support, guidance, and the interventions needed to help people reach their treatment goals. Additionally, numerous treatment modalities are utilized within residential care, which are backed by research and designed to elicit the most favorable treatment outcomes. Among the various modalities used within this level of care, the following are those that are most commonly implemented into the treatment offered within Family Advantage ’s residential treatment programs:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

  • Trauma-focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT)

  • 12-Step Philosophy

Additionally, and in order to meet the needs of those who are requiring residential treatment, Family Advantage  Healthcare is proud to include various types of residential care within its network of high quality treatment providers:

Residential treatment for chemical dependency, substance abuse, and co-occurring mental health conditions: For those who need more intensive treatment in order to overcome an addiction to alcohol and/or other drugs, Family Advantage treatment facility supply residential care for teens and adolescents who are grappling with mental health and substance use concerns. This type of residential treatment includes various interventions that are designed to foster healing and make recovery more achievable. Qualified addiction specialists who understand the needs of those who are struggling with addiction and co-occurring mental illnesses facilitate this level of care and are available 24 hours a day to provide support, encouragement, and guidance as the road to a healther life is navigated.

Specialty residential treatment: In addition to the addiction- and mental health-focused residential treatment options that Family Advantage  centers provide, there are a number of residential treatment centers that offer specialized residential programs for individuals who require care that necessitates a greater level of expertise when it comes to treating certain concerns or populations. Among the concerns and populations addressed and treated via Family Advantage ’s specialized residential programs, the following are those that are the focus of these high quality programs:

  • Eating disorders

  • Trauma-related concerns and conditions

  • Process addictions

  • Mental health or addiction-related concerns with co-occurring chronic pain conditions

  • Weight loss concerns

  • Gender-specific treatment

  • Adventure therapy for adults

Specialized residential programs also feature numerous therapeutic interventions that are facilitated by staff members who treat those entrusted into their care with a high regard for the dignity and respect of all who elect to participate in this type of treatment.

In choosing residential treatment at an Family Advantage  treatment center, only research-based and proven effective methods of care are implemented so as to help individual both meet and exceed their treatment goals. The following interventions are those frequently featured in residential treatment, and are those that may be included into a patient’s personalized treatment plan when engaged in this level of care:

Detoxification services: When individuals are working towards overcoming chemical dependency concerns, detoxification services, or detox for short, may be included into their care. This method of treatment is often facilitated under the supervision of medical professionals who are able to make the process of withdrawal more comfortable. Depending on the program and the individual’s needs, this service can be implemented at the start of treatment so that the person can achieve the clarity of mind needed to place his or her attention on other aspects of his or her recovery.

Medication management services: When the symptoms of a mental health condition cannot be managed through the use of coping skills alone, certain psychotropic medications may be recommended and prescribed during a patient’s time in residential care. Many of Family Advantage ’s residential programs feature on-site psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, and nurses who can monitor patients’ process while on a medication regimen so that individuals struggling with mental disorders can experience the alleviation from their symptoms that they need.

Medical care: Patients who are suffering from certain conditions, e.g. eating disorders or chronic pain conditions, may require medical attention in order to focus on other aspects of their healing and recovery processes. Within certain residential programs, namely Family Advantage ’s specialized residential programs, off-site medical care that is supervised by medical professionals is incorporated into a patient’s treatment and can improve a patient’s odds of reaching his or her treatment goals.

Individual therapy: As a means of providing patients with the individual attention that they deserve, residential treatment at Family Advantage  treatment centers includes individual therapy sessions as part of the treatment experience. These sessions can serve as a time in which patients can process their experiences, feelings, and emotions with a qualified professional who can offer guidance, support, and an attentive ear while the person is in treatment.

Group therapy: Cornerstone to many of Family Advantage ’s residential treatment programs, group therapy is an invaluable method of treatment that can provide many benefits to patients within this level of care. Often led by one or more qualified staff members, group therapy sessions enable patients to give and receive support from others who have endured similar challenges. Additionally, group therapy can serve as an excellent forum in which to discuss topics related to healing and recovery as well as to gain information about mental health conditions and various substance abuse concerns.

Experiential therapy: So as to help patients experience the mind-body-spirit connection, residential treatment programs frequently include experimental therapy opportunities. These interventions, which can include yoga, art therapy, exercise opportunities, and meditation, help men and women heal in a holistic manner so that they can experience recovery in a profound way.

Family therapy and family support programs: Understanding that the loved ones of patients play an important role in patients’ lives, many of Family Advantage ’s residential programs feature both family therapy opportunities and programs designed specifically for the friends and family members of the individuals treated within this level of care. Family therapy sessions and family support programs are offered so that friends and family members can come to understand what their loved one is going through, develop a greater understanding of the residential treatment experience, and learn how they can best support the person they care about during and after treatment is complete.

Specialized treatment tracks: Given the fact that people have different treatment needs, several of Family Advantage ’s residential treatment centers offer specialized treatment tracks within their programming. Often focused on a particular concern or population that presents with its own unique needs, these treatment tracks can be incorporated into a patient’s treatment plan so that the therapeutic process is more effective. The following are but a few examples of the treatment tracks featured within Family Advantage ’s residential care:

  • Opioid addiction treatment

  • Christian-focused treatment

  • Active and inactive military member treatment

  • Gender-specific treatment

  • Gambling addiction treatment

  • Native American treatment

  • Trauma-focused treatment

Continuing care options: Once a patient’s time in residential care is nearing an end, the staff within the individual’s program strive to do all that they can to ensure that he or she will remain successful once he or she has left the treatment center. Part of this effort includes recommending continuing care services, both offered at the same center or via follow-up services outside of the program, so that whatever recovery successes were achieved in treatment can continue to serve the individual well for a lifetime. Many Family Advantage  residential treatment programs offer continuing care services, which can provide patients with the support they need make great strides in their healing and recovery processes.

Family Advantage ’s residential treatment providers are located in the United States feature residential of programming options and specialty services that can positively transform the lives of those who participate in them. To learn more about residential care or to begin the process of admissions, please contact Family Advantage  that you feel can meet your or your loved one’s treatment needs. In doing so, a healthier, happier, and more gratifying life is just on the horizon.

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